Constitution in North-Rhine/Westphalia (Gesetz über den Verfas- Landespressegesetz NRW – LPG NRW) is intended to prevent the frustration of crim-. 9 Abs. 1 Nr. 1 Pressegesetz für das Land Nordrhein-Westfalen . 29 Heilberufsgesetz (HeilBG NRW) of in der Fassung vom. Wir verwiesen unsererseits auf die behördliche Auskunftspflicht gemäß Paragraph 4 Landespressegesetz NRW. Immerhin auf die Lokalpresse ist Verlass.

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Investment and International Maritime Transport Landespressegseetz To register a vessel in Hungary in order to fly a national flag, a majority EEA-ownership of the vessel is required. Juridical persons enterprises and partnerships must have their seat in the EEA.

Only EU rice producers may claim compensatory payments. For the periodical inspection for proof of technical condition of road transport vehicles, the person shall be registered in accordance with the Bulgarian Commercial Act or the Non-profit Legal Persons Act, or else be registered in another Member State of the EU or country from the EEA. Foreign owned kindergartens and schools may be established or transformed at the request of foreign legal entities in accordance with international agreements and conventions and under the provisions above.

It applies to all licences and to all enterprises, whether operator or not. The authorisation must be communicated to the competent authority, responsible for keeping the register. In ports having regional significance, this right is granted by a contract with the owner of the port. Investment and Cross-Border Trade in Services Full admission to the Bar is required for the practice of legal services, including representation before courts. HKG in der Fassung vom Investment and Cross-Border Trade in Services Residency is required in order to obtain a licence as a pharmacist or to open a pharmacy for the retail of pharmaceuticals and certain medical goods to the public.

Investment Commercial presence for appointed attorneys by the Slovene Bar Association is restricted to sole proprietorship, law firm with limited liability partnership or to a law firm with unlimited liability partnership only. Cross-Border Trade in Services The provision of architectural services in Belgium requires control over the execution of jobs.


Investment Establishment in a Member State of the EU is required to apply for state approval to operate as a privately funded higher education institution.

The bank shall be managed and represented landespresegesetz by at least two persons, at least one of landesrpessegesetz shall be proficient in the Bulgarian language. Mithilfe des The Forward View into Action: EEA nationality is required for the captain and first officer of vessels. The term does not include foreigners of Cypriot origin or non-Cypriot spouses of citizens of the Republic of Cyprus.

Representation before the ” Cour de Cassation ” is subject to quota. Investment The establishment of farms and agricultural co-operatives by non-EU investors is subject to authorisation.

Investment An authorisation is required in order to open a privately funded university which issues recognised diplomas or degrees; the procedure involves obtaining the advice of the Parliament. This reservation does not apply to secondary technical and vocational education services.

A quota exists for the number of pharmacies which may be owned per person. Business ngw production services Veterinary services Paramedical personnel Restorer Physiotherapists.

Text of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement – Annex I – EU Party

Investment Privately funded elementary schools may be founded by Slovenian natural or legal persons only. Investment and Cross-Border Trade landezpressegesetz Services Full admission to the Bar is required for the practice of legal services in respect of Hungarian law, including representation before courts.

Merchant Shipping Code, arts. Enterprises and partnerships must have their seat in landespressfgesetz EEA. Besluit van de Vlaamse Regering van 10 december tot uitvoering van het decreet betreffende de private arbeidsbemiddeling.

Licences are granted on non-discriminatory terms, except that operators of road haulage and road passenger transport services may as a general rule only use vehicles that are registered in the national road traffic registry. In order to cultivate and exploit minerals, an authorisation “concessione”, art.

EU level – National Measures: Representative offices of non-EU intermediaries cannot carry out activities aimed at providing investment services, including trading for own account and for account of customers, placement and underwriting of financial instruments branch required.


No non-resident company except those established in another Member State of the EU, can provide in the Republic of Cyprus, on an organised or permanent basis, the activities referred to under Article 3 of the abovementioned Law, unless represented by a resident company.

Investment and Cross-Border Trade in Services The exploration for and exploitation of mineral resources are subject to a licensing requirement, which is granted by the Government in relation to the mining of nuclear material. It also does not apply to a ship that is bareboat chartered to a charterer that would satisfy the ownership requirements and is actually making use of the ship.

Text of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement – Annex I – EU Party

Residency in the EEA is required for at least one of the ordinary and one of the deputy members of the Board of Directors and for the Managing Director. The alternative trading systems could be managed by a system operator set up under the conditions described above or by an investment firm authorised by CNVM.

EU level – National – Regional Landespresxegesetz Research and experimental development services on social sciences and humanities – psychologists.

I As last amended on 19 April — No. IX as amended by 8 June No. Residency requirement for the members of managing and supervisory body of re insurance undertakings and every person authorised to manage or represent the re insurance undertaking. The duration of the contract should be at least one to two years. Investment Foreign legal persons must establish a company in Croatia and must be granted a concession by the port authority following a public tendering procedure.

For procedural representation they shall be accompanied by a Bulgarian lawyer. Direct branching from non-EU countries is not permitted. There is a nationality of a Member State of the EU requirement, however, foreigners may enrol landespressebesetz condition of reciprocity.