Lenore Appelhans on her inspiration for LEVEL 2 the first book of The Memory Chronicles. Level 2 (Memory Chronicles, book 1) by Lenore Appelhans – book cover, description, publication history. Level 2 by Lenore Appelhans – In this gripping exploration of a futuristic afterlife, a teen discovers that death is just the her untimely death.

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Riley lives in TropeTown, working as a stock character in novels, until he goes off-script and is required to attend group therapy with several fellow Manic Pixies. In Level 2, the liminal place between our world Level 1 and heaven, Seventeen-year-old Felicia Ward spends her days in her pod reliving her favorite memories – until she gets broken out appelhzns Julian, a boy she knew when she was still alive.

But unsure whether she can trust Julian, and still in love with her boyfriend Neil on Earth, she finds herself torn between two loves—and two worlds. This utterly unique take on the afterlife poses fascinating questions. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series to find out the answers! A high-voltage thrill ride through love, death, and memory that will leave you breathless. My heart pounded on nearly every page.


You won’t be able to put it down. An absorbing, sensitive read.

Level 2 (The Memory Chronicles #1) by Lenore Appelhans Book Reviews

The way Appelhans mixes memory with plot is exceptional. Add Level 2 appelhqns GoodReads. Find out more about Level 2 in my Dystopian August interview. Britain – Usborne January 15, Read an excerpt.

Level 2 (Memory Chronicles, book 1) by Lenore Appelhans

Read by Jenna Lamia. Listen to an excerpt of Level 2 at Books on Tape. Neil — A week before his car crash with Felicia, Neil spends a perfect day at the swimming hole. He and Felicia have never been happier. But apppelhans he work up the courage to tell her that he loves her?

Libby and her boyfriend Jeremy head off on a road trip to Las Vegas and stumble upon truths potentially deadly to their relationship. An unexpected encounter with the charming Oliver brings cancer-patient Brady out of his shell.

Review: Level 2 by Lenore Appelhans

I had a blast reading! Felicia and Neil have left Level 2 behind, but another level stands between them and Heaven: While the purpose of Level 2 is to relive your time on Earth and make peace with your memories, the objective of Level 3 is to completely detach from life and prepare for your divine vocation.

During Felicia and Neil’s training period, a series of explosions destroy the portals out of Level 3. Tension is high, and casualties are mounting. A rift forms between the pair, one that grows wider when Felicia receives new memories from the Morati. The memories cast doubt on the people she loves the most, but Felicia can’t stop her curiosity.


She has to know the truth about her life before she moves on–if she can manage to evade old enemies long enough to find a way out of Level 3. Add Chasing Before to Goodreads.

Hear an excerpt of the audiobook read by Narrator Cynthia Holloway. The humorous story of a little chick who proves his mettle to the farm’s big bullies when he discovers he has a very mighty lineage.

Writing as Lenore Jennewein.

Illustrated by Daniel Jennewein. View book trailer at Fuse 8School Library Journal. The Memory Chronicles 1: The Memory Chronicles 1. The Memory Chronicles 2: Chasing Before YA Novel. She also gives readers a nice balance of characters, with distinct, varied individuals who offer appehans nuance Login Logout Seite bearbeiten.