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How shall we repair relations after the election? Perhaps there are things on which we can all agree. I’ll let Jim Geraghty introduce my idea: Can we just put away any talk of a “Libertarian Future” for a while?

I’d love to live in it, but there’s no sign it’s coming, in either a capital-L Libertarian Libedtino way or a small-L philosophical way.

This was the year that the Democrats nominated a corrupt, longtime-insider, big-government, scandal-ridden statist, and the Republicans nominated a guy who wants government to get bigger — more infrastructure spending, mandated maternity leave, opposes entitlement reform, cheers eminent domain, and a new 35 percent tax on companies that fire workers.

Trump’s focus was never freedom or liberty. It was about empowering government, run by him, to address grievances of working-class whites and return America to a golden past, undoing decades of changes to the country and the world. This year was the golden opportunity libertarians — capital L and little L — had dreamed of for decades Libeetrio not giving up on the little-l stuff. But boy-howdy Geraghty is right about the Big-Ls. Empowering government to address grievances is completely off the mark.

libettrio If we are going to seek agreement can we at least start with a more objective statement of what’s happening? What’s the feeling on TS about Lilyanyway? She always sounds good on the radio In a “normal” political year, she’s Exhibit A in “libertario delenda est. The fondational event of libertario delenda est is the election of Sen Jon Tester in Montana. Libertarian “activist” Stan Jones got 10, votes and Conrad Burns lost by and change.

I’ll proudly pull the metaphorical lever for Darryl Glenn and would be saddened were he to lose by less than Lily4Liberty’s count. Not this year, he’ll go down double digits and she’ll be lucky to see Stan Jones’s 2. Johnson, though his running mate cheeses me off.

No, he is not a doctrinaire libertarian, but they’d be better off embracing pragmatism. I certainly don’t care about his geographical knowledge more than Clinton’s Criminality or Trump’s horrid economics. Aleppo was a gaffe, but let’s grade on a curve. I am leaning toward voting Librrtino.

All my second thoughts are whether I want to “feed the bears” at the LP, I have no question that he is the best candidate.

Libertijo is all down to remaining institutions. Pump up the LP? Show the GOP what they’re losing if they continue to embrace populism? I got no idea. Libertarians finally have a real chance to ljberal America we’re not a bunch of drugged lunatics and Yeah, I saw this when I was liveral up on the news this morning before work.


There are some interesting pie-in-the-sky utopian ideas that some big-L Libertarian acquaintances of mine have, but this Johnson has now had his four hours: I was quite surprised to find a libertario liberttino delenda est editorial in the WSJ.

Trump seems to think he can say whatever he wants because millions of voters are repelled by Mrs. The Libertarians give these voters an honorable alternative if Mr. Trump makes himself unacceptable. Honorable, it may be, and on a good day even indicative of the liberty vote.

But the LP’s cause is so mathematically hopeless, it leads to fundamental unseriousness. No danger of winning. I’ll be writing in or looking for a Darrell Castle type. Should he find his way onto the ballot in Colorado, I’m in. I was wrong giving the title to the Ivanpah Power plant. Though someday some planet-of-the-apes civilization will find libertibo as mumble “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

No, the dumberest thing is the Libertarian Party. Don’t take my word for it — how about the libdral Aaron Ross Powell?

That’s the risk for libertarians if Republicans turned off by Trump migrate toward the Libertarian Party and change our ideological center of gravity. In March, the Federalist’s Ben Domenech sketched out a scenario where, “If the NeverTrump people want a protest vote, their best path is a Libertarian takeover, with someone who is Libertarianish on some issues — pot, prostitution, marriage — and yet pro-life and pro-religion enough to win over the votes of the libertrko to the Trump machine.

And Weld’s brand of fiscal conservatism, combined with tolerance on social issues, offers, as my Cato Institute colleague David Boaz writes, “a clear alternative to Trump and Clinton. There are not enough true believers to elect a dog catcher in an off year. To win, you dilute or you lose — if you’re a party.

If you’re an advocacy organization along the lines of the NRA however, you can keep your soul and move policy. And you escape the insuperable fundraising needs. Johnson says we’re going to need more money next time. Ari Armstrong nails it. But, paradoxically, the fact that the Republican Party is in such a sorry state is a reason for liberty advocates to stick with the Republican Party or join or rejoin itnot abandon it.

Please note that I am calling on liberty activists to officially join the Republican Party and become active in it, not necessarily to always vote for Republican candidates. Certainly I will not vote for Trump. Sometimes, the most effective way to participate in a party is to refuse to support its unworthy candidates, so as to encourage the selection of more-worthy candidates down the road. That is one pundits opinion, and I agree with ninety nine percent of it.

Here are 18 others, most of them brief, from Legal Insurrection contributors. I really don’t get the folks rushing to insist that they’ll never vote Trump. What are they afraid of, guilt by association? Some kind of “moral stain” from not denouncing him and everything he stands for with the greatest of zeal? But maybe, mostly, they’re just tired of being called racist Maybe they, the ones eager to vote for Trump, just want to say they have a right to think what they want and live like they want, whether or not the PC Police approve.


I can dig that.

It is a free country and all. And liberttino the other side, Brad Thor who writes, near the end of a long explanation I completely agree with, the following:.

As a Constitutional conservative, I take solace in, and guidance libetrrio the words of Alexander Hamilton, who in the election of said, “If we must have an enemy at the head of government, let it be one whom we can oppose, and for whom we are not responsible.

First, our three-branch system of government was literally designed to protect the Republic from despots. Its ability to protect against big government progressives, however, has been proven lacking.

Liberal, Libertário, Libertino | Rafael Galvão

Second, we Republicans can oppose either of these two potential presidents. Where is it written that a party never opposes its own president? Furthermore, who believes Congress’ testicular fortitude will be larger in opposition to Hillary than to Donald? Third yes I said two, but this is perhaps most important “we” are not responsible for either of them. We, as individuals, may merely support, lobby, and ultimately vote.

Democracy is responsible for our predicament.

Let the blame rest where it belongs, and abandon misguided thoughts of aiding and abetting another Democratic presidential term as some sort of principled “message” to the democratic process. What it’s done and what it’s doing are in its nature. Andrews begins in agreement with Trump’s “America First” and immigration, so he is making excuses for bad behavior.

I start with fundamental and deep-seated I may have mentioned it once disagreement. Two out of ten on down-ticket races. Hate to disagree on tactics with a former Speaker, but I don’t see sticking together’s helping — especially in Colorado where he will be uniquely liiberal. I suggest [principled and respectful opposition to the party’s nominee might be seen as candor. It will suck for the downticket, but I don’t see “let’s all pull together” as a way libeetrio.

Supreme Court Yes, here’s where my neversaynever comes out to play. But throw me a bone, Donald! I saw luberal rumor he would let Heritage make picks. I’d prefer Reason, but I am in if he provides convincing evidence that his are worth fighting for. Examples of how bad Sec. Clinton’s is not good enough. Far more principled Republicans have “screwed the pooch” on this If I may dip into legal jargon and “they’ll be t’r’ffic” will not suffice. If you won’t listen to me a reasonable reactionlisten to Glenn Reynolds.

He’s, like, a Law Professor:. Anyone care to weigh in on this? In a reasonable world, this would torpedo the feelthejohnson movement among liberty-minded individuals. I wonder if I can find a reasonable world, where I can test that hypothesis. Read the whole thing everyone.