M107 175MM PDF

For data and forecasts on current programs please visit www. or call +1 April M mm Self -Propelled Gun -. The M mm self-propelled Gun was largely deployed in NATO areas and its ammunition was commonly used throughout NATO forces. One such artillery piece is the M self-propelled howitzer. This mm artillery piece entered service in , alongside the M

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The manual backup was used to lay the gun, since the hydraulic control was too coarse. The IDF acquired over vehicles.

Production of the M SPG began inand continued untilwith a total of units built. In order to achieve acceptable fatigue resistance, the majority of artillery cannon designs up to the s used gun steel at strength levels of aboutpsi yield strength. But it also had its limitations, notably reduced accuracy at extreme range and dependency to a supply carrier.

Both had diesel engines and were successfully tested, and adopted, standardized as the M and M respectively in and General Motors 8V71T diesel. The powder load is then 175mn up and the shooting can start. An Israeli M self-propelled gun in Latrun.

Visit our guidelines for more information. When retubing was done at the battalion level, the M Light Recovery Vehicle was used. Although few in number, these captured Ms enabled the PAVN to establish a strategic-artillery battalion after the war.

After some examination it was determined that the lower life tubes exhibited inter granular cracking vs the longer lived tubes 715mm primarily exhibited trans-granular cracking. In all were produced, declined into the A1 and A2 recently and even more exported. In the swage autofrettage process, a precision high-strength mandrel is pushed through an undersized bore of the tube to permanently enlarge the bore prior to final machining.


175mm Self-Propelled Gun M107

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Cannons that could fire effectively based on the new wear additive past 1, rounds were now being taken out of service at rounds or less. The M has a larger open working space than the closed space 175m, tank-like self-propelled artillery such as the M howitzer. As with most things in life, nothing comes for free. A large, hydraulically deployable spade is fitted to the 175m, of the M’s chassis, which may also be used as a dozer blade.

M self-propelled gun – Wikipedia

Army in the late s when the gun was changed to the extended length mm tube making the new unit an MA2. Both the M and M use the same drive train components as the M light recovery vehicle. In practice, additional ammunition is carried by support vehicles. The M was retired in the s from the US Army arsenal, gradually replaced by the M, but still soldiers on in many countries around the world.

The Army closed out the s with a wide variety of artillery delivery systems such as the mm M howitzer; the mm M self-propelled howitzer; the 8-inch M howitzer; the mm M lightweight towed howitzer; and the mm M self-propelled howitzer.

This long-range advantage, along with its ability to rapidly move from its previous position, made it an effective weapon for destroying North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong command-and-control sites, communications facilities and supply-trains, while evading counter-battery fire from its longest-range Soviet counterparts in service with North Vietnam.

Army motorized mm artillery piece was the M55based on the 15mm and the turret of the M53 mm self-propelled gunwhich used some components from the M48 tank. Enter Your Email Address. Both models were complementary: M ; this is basically the same chassis, mounting a mm howitzer instead of a mm gun. The M’s combat history in U.


A certain number of tank recovery vehicles were developed on the frame of M, but only the light vehicle M is used at the present time. This was based on patented key features of the M Leave m07 Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Can’t find what you’re looking for?

The TE1 was subsequently standardized as the M Israeli M at Latrun museum. In Vietnam, it was the only land-based US artillery piece that outranged the infamous Soviet mm M with a range of 27 kmand the M gained fame in the Siege of Khe Sanh for this feat. A single M was used to lift the engine 175mj transmission from the hull once a month to clean the engine and transmission compartment, which was covered by two aluminum deck plates.

Retubing the barrel was necessary when the barrel had exhausted its service life, fractures were detected, or when converting m1107 M to an M All US-operated Ms were converted into MA2 howitzers bythough the latter has since been phased out of service as well. A mm field gun in the case of the M and mm howitzer in the case of the M Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

These operations 175mmm assisted, with hand drive operations of help. It fires 79 kg projectiles at 1 rpm, out to a range of up to 40 km.