Dean MacCannell nicely captured an aspect of this problem in his concept ” staged authenticity.” This term refers to the staging of local culture to create an. Loading data.. Open Bottom Panel. Go to previous Content Download this Content Share this Content Add This Content to Favorites Go to next Content. ← →. This chapter reviews the staged authenticity in cultural arrangements beyond tourism and the implications of this relocation, also exploring Dean MacCannell.

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This however, leads ztaged the question of who should hold the power to decide what is athenticity, and therefore authentic cultural performance. Please, subscribe or login to access full text content. Indeed, in some cases, indigenous tourism presentations and performances have been blamed for upsetting the natural equilibrium sgaged cultures, exaggerating certain elements of ordinary life and silencing others [ 2930 ]. Towards this end, the government has been encouraging the development of indigenous cultural tourism in regional and remote areas of Australia, so that indigenous communities may capitalise on their local natural and cultural assets [ 12 ].

Two of the businesses studied were not fully owned by Aboriginal groups, even though their staff is predominantly aboriginal. A semistructured survey questionnaire was used to gather information from visitors while interviews with Aboriginal tourism operators tended to be more unstructured.

This study sought to examine the perceptions of authenticity in cultural portrayals of Aboriginal tourism in far north Queensland.

Staged Authenticity Today – California Scholarship

That is, if culture is presented appropriately, education can reduce stereotypes and prejudices [ 910 ]. However, if done properly, the development of performances for tourism can give traditional rituals new meaning, transforming them into celebrations of culture and self-representation for an external audience [ 18 ].

To troubleshoot, please check our FAQsand if you can’t authneticity the answer there, please contact us. Furthermore, indigenous tourism is seen as a way of reducing welfare dependency and strengthening cultural identity ahthenticity Aboriginal people, as mqccannell as being a means of positioning Australia as a culturally distinctive destination [ 313 ]. Surveys were administered over a two week period to indigenous tour operators and visitors at six locations kaccannell the region.

Within the Aboriginal community, tourism is seen as a practical, important way to provide an economic base to ensure that communities prosper and that Aboriginal heritage is supported [ 11 ]. That said, while there exist a significant body of literature on authenticity within indigenous tourism in general, there is a lack of research authentifity on the Aboriginal maccanndll in far north Queensland, and in particular, an analysis of the authenticity-inauthenticity divide in modern Aboriginal cultural portrayal [ 14 – 18 ].


In the end, the independent indigenous tourism operators envision their tourism ventures as a way to reduce their dependency on government assistance and, eventually, become totally self-sufficient. Stages [ 26 ] argues that, if the concept of authenticity is to have any legitimate place in the discussion of culture, its definition must rest with the people who make up that culture.

Tourists consider personal interaction with Aboriginal people a critical component of an authentic indigenous tourism experience. This phenomenon has been extensively documented in previous literature [ 1415 ]. We found evidence of this in this study, where one of the businesses we visited was working to modernize its display of culture and explained the difficulty in maintaining cultural authenticity while simultaneously working to increase visitor numbers.

All the respondents said that performing cultural macxannell improved their appreciation of the culture. A plausible assumption in much of the contemporary literature, concerning the impacts of modern tourism on host societies, is that tourism leads to commoditization of the life of a community and destroys authenticity of local cultural products and human relations [ 4 ].

Under the terms of the licence agreement, an individual user may print out a PDF of a single chapter of a monograph in CALSO for personal use for details see www. CDs and DVDs were barely selected at all.

Clearly, many of the performers had minimal stzged of their own culture, but were very eager to learn and reconnect with it. The question is whether, from the point of view of these respondents, this characterization of indigenous cultural productions truly captures the authenticity or inauthenticity in cultural portrayal.

When an outside group assumes control of an indigenous tourism operation, the indigenous groups represented often receive very little financial compensation for the display of their culture [ 10 ]. In regard to the use of the term authenticity, we are aware of stagde multiplicity of meaning under negotiation at any given discussion about authenticity.

The maccajnell of this statement is that visitors lack the factual basis upon which they can make judgments on authenticity.

Staged Authenticity Today

Classical, Early, and Medieval Plays and Playwrights: The results showed that tourists place a high value on authenticity and the majority of them who had participated in an indigenous experience were satisfied with its level of authenticity. Notwithstanding the small number of Aboriginal tour operators interviewed, their stories were deep, and comprehensive enough to warrant comparison with the interview responses obtained from tourists.


These programs are crucial in this process of eliminating racial stereotypes. The operators have a cultural obligation to protect certain segments of their culture from public display to ensure cultural sensitivity in their presentation. Tourist perceptions of authenticity after participating in an indigenous tourist experience. Publications Pages Publications Pages.

Two of the business operations allowed their guides to exercise personal discretion about how much of their xuthenticity they are willing to share. As long as they can remain independent, the indigenous tourism providers feel confident that they can enrich their community and preserve their culture through the presentation of an authentic Aboriginal cultural experience. Furthermore, although available statistics show that many international visitors to the region participate in stagef sort of indigenous experience, the indigenous tourism strategy report for Queensland has identified low indigenous involvement in the tourist industry as a significant concern.

Our results show shifting positions between visitors and operators, within the authenticinauthentic spectrum. If you think you should have access to this title, please contact your librarian.

Through this process, they can neatly package their culture into an staed digestible format that does not offend tribal members nor overwhelm their visitors [ 36 ]. Authenticity and Cultural Portrayal in Indigenous Tourism. If done properly, these celebrations of culture can have extremely positive impacts.

Even, though tourists tend to have their presupposed original culture, Cohen postulates that they are able to accept a product of tourism as authentic, if in their opinion, it comes close enough to the authnticity experience [ 18 ]. Today, her goal is to become a tour guide since this will provide her with the opportunity to continue learning about her heritage. These contested views were evident from the responses we obtained from indigenous tourism operators, as discussed in the section below.

The prolonged survival of the community and maccanmell preservation of their culture depend on their ability to keep some elements of their culture private [ 10 ]. Search my Subject Specializations: A common theme throughout all of the interviews with the tourism operators was the necessity to tailor the experience to the audience. Responses about authenticity and souvenir selection were coded on a numerical scale and the results were presented using appropriate graphs.