Welcome. Welcome to the home of The Gnumeric Spreadsheet. Gnumeric is an open-source spreadsheet program. Gnumeric is Free: Gnumeric and its source . These chapters are the reference manual of SciDAVis. – The two following . and another application (Excel, Gnumeric, etc). You can import. Gnumeric is a spreadsheet program that is part of the GNOME Free Software Desktop Project. The file formats which Gnumeric can read. org. Retrieved on ^ “Gnumeric XML File Format”. The Gnumeric Manual, version

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This menu contains different entries depending on where the mouse cursor is when you click the right mannual mouse button. There are also many books providing good introduction to computers. The Format menu allows users to control the formats of cells, columns, rows, worksheets and the workbook. Once the file has a name and a file format, saving subsequent changes can be done easily either through the File menu, through the toolbar or through a keyboard shortcut.

The data may be entered by hand or imported from external files. The next gnumeri sections explain how to get data into a cell, by first moving the selection box to a desired cell and then typing the data.

Gnumeric Portable (full-featured spreadsheet) |

Files in Gnumeric If the cell containing the mouse cursor when you click is not part of the selection, it is added, as are any other cells enclosed in the selection box when the mouse button is released. Several new types of charts have manuxl added, and many features, such as regression lines, have been added. The Context menu that appears when the pointer is over the row headers or mnual headers is presented in Section 4.


A user may also create several graphical plots. This information is explained in Section 4. Most templates define headers and footers so the selection area must be big enough to fit those template elements and the user’s data. Minimal cost of transition. For instance, if the cell B2 contained the text “Hello, this is my first spreadsheet” then you can make this text bigger by selecting a larger font size.

The Gnumeric Manual, version

Two Sample Tests 8. About Users Administrators Developers. The approaches described below are equivalent; they result in a Gnumeric window appearing on your monitor as shown below. Each cell in this area is delimited by a light grey line by default.

The context menus are discussed in Section 4. We have also added a new plugin supplying consistently named probability density, cumulative density, and reverse cumulative density functions to Gnumeric.

Starting Gnumeric the First Time 3. The second choice makes it easy to re-edit the entry into a valid formula simply by fixing the formula and removing the leading apostrophe ‘ before the equals sign.

One Sample Tests 8. Therefore the manual explains the use of cells in much greater detail in a separate section.

You can trigger certain common commands by using a combination of keys. The precision and correctness of the analytics are constantly being evaluated and improved. Retrieved from ” https: This only arises with the options selected in the Number tab of the Format Cells dialog.


If Gnumeric is not already installed on your machine, read mznual manuals that came with your distribution or look at your distribution vendor’s web site. Cells which are on the same row as the selection and within or to the right of the selection will shift over to the right to accommodate the new cells.

Plug-ins are programs which are separate from Gnumeric but provide useful functionality.

Gnumeric Portable

By default, Gnumeric moves the entire ezpaol of the cells including both the data values and the formatting of the cells. The user must move the mouse pointer to the edge of the header which is either to the right or below the cell. This menu is called a context menu because the entries in the menu are different depending on the location of the mouse pointer. Similarly, the toolbars can be configured in the same way.

Until then cut has not had an effect on the worksheet. This chapter explains the use and manipulation of worksheets in Gnumeric.